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What to expect

when receiving a Lomi Lomi massage


Always plan to spend an extra half hour for your Lomi Lomi massage. This will give us time beforehand to set an intention and time afterwards for you to integrate your experience. 



Each Lomi Lomi massage at The Lomi Touch begins with a co-discovery process where we set an intention for your massage. You are invited to pull an intention card from an oracle deck to assist you in setting your intention.  


Every Lomi Lomi massage has the inherent intention to release whatever blockages your body is ready to release and to receive whatever you are ready to receive. This entrusts the universe and the innate wisdom of your body to support you with the perfect healing for you.

Your Massage

Many times, during a Lomi Lomi massage, you are not consciously aware of how your body is healing. You simply surrender into the beautiful, flowing movements that replicate the wind and waves of a tropical beach. Other times, you may be aware of emotional and energetic blocks being released through experiences of tears, laughter, journeying, visioning or the presence of a loved one. You may receive a message or clarity around a situation or relationship in your life. You may feel lighter after your massage if you released an emotional burden. Everyone's experience is unique. Know that whatever you experience is perfect for you. Trust the wisdom of your body and the universe to know what you need.

My promise to you


I create a healing sanctuary for your Lomi Lomi experience.  Candlelight, Hawaiian music, warm massage oil and a heated massage table create a tranquil space for your Lomi Lomi massage.  I invite you to relax and surrender in this compassionate, nurturing space.  Let your imagination carry you on the soft breezes and the gentle waves of the Hawaiian islands to a place of healing.  Trust the innate wisdom of your body to release whatever blockages your body is holding on to.  My energy, breath work and focus are dedicated to your healing journey.

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