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Lomi Lomi is a gentle, healing massage using long, flowing runs along the entire body. It is designed to confuse your brain into surrender.  This allows your body to heal and bring your body, mind and soul into harmony.

Movement is the natural rhythm of the universe. When we stop moving — physically, emotionally or spiritually — parts of our body become stuck; creating blockages which lead to discomfort, pain or disease.  Heavy emotions, stress and burdens all get stuck in our physical bodies as emotional knots.  Lomi Lomi releases these emotional knots in a safe, supporting and nurturing environment.


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"This massage was like no other!!! It really released some long held fatigue and I felt so energized afterwards. It was a magical experience!

Kristi Stangeland



Are you stressed?  Return your mind and body to a state of peace and balance with a Lomilomi massage.

Are you emotionally exhausted?  Lomilomi massage will dissolve your emotional pain, leaving you renewed and energized.

Are you struggling with a decision in your life?  Lomilomi massage will calm your mind, giving you clarity regarding your career, relationships and life path.

Are you caring for everyone in your life except yourself?  You need and deserve your own care.  Lomilomi massage restores the energy you need to care for others.


Have you experienced a loss or are you struggling with a health challenge or chronic pain?  Lomilomi can help you heal and release your pain.



Sometimes, during a Lomi Lomi massage, you are not consciously aware of how your body is healing. You simply surrender into the beautiful, flowing movements that replicate the wind and waves of a tropical beach.


Other times, you may be aware of emotional and energetic blocks being released through experiences of tears, laughter, journeying, visioning or the presence of a loved one.   


Everyone's experience is unique. Know that whatever you experience is perfect for you. Trust the wisdom of your body and the universe to know what you need.

At The Lomi Touch, I create a healing sanctuary for your Lomi Lomi massage. During your massage, my energy, breath work and focus are dedicated to your healing journey.  I invite you to breathe, relax and allow the natural, healing process to unfold.


Please plan to spend an extra half hour in addition to your massage so that you're not rushed.


Lomi Lomi Massage

   60 minute ....................... $100

   90 minute ....................... $140

 120 minute ....................... $180


Lomi Visioning .................. $270


Indian Head Massage

   30 minutes ...................... $40

   45 minutes ...................... $60

Package pricing is available for all services.


Gift certificates are available for any occasion.

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