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journey home to your inner truth


a 6 week online course

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Welcome to

The Inner Journey

The journey inward is a process of coming home to your true essence.   It’s a  journey of self-inquiry and self-discovery that will deepen your relationship with yourself and others.  The reward for choosing this courageous journey is discovering your authentic nature and accessing a life of inner peace and joy.


Much of this world is hidden from our view.  Living a busy life distracts us from our inner world and focuses our attention on our outer world.  In doing so, we lose connection to our gifts and our true power.   The Inner Journey course explores life from the inside out and shows you how to rediscover your gifts and your authentic power.   


Each person’s journey inward is unique.  Whether you’re curious to begin, or driven to go deeper, the Inner Journey will awaken you to new ways to live in this world - new ways to listen, to see, to heal, to create, to forgive, to think, to understand your emotions, to love, to live and much more.


This course is designed to give you the awareness, the tools and the practices to embody a sense of wellbeing, clarity and inner authority that will transform your life.

I invite you to join me on this adventure.

Joy Marcotte



self-inquiry & self-discovery

into your true self


perceiving beyond the

distractions of life


dissolving the struggle in your outer world


discovering your source of authentic power within



shifting from a noisy mind to beautiful mind


nurturing kindness and compassion within yourself


expanding your capacity to bring joy into your life

Program Content

6 Modules

Each module includes exercises that guide you to dive deeper into self-inquiry and self-discovery.  The exercises include breath work, guided meditations, mantras and journalling questions.

Who am I?

Module 1

The journey begins with understanding how your mind, body, emotions, energy and consciousness combine to create the being you call yourself.

Power of Perspective

Module 2

Shift your perspective of your past regrets, your current struggles and your future worries to see that everything is supporting you.

Creating with your Chakras

Module 3

Knowing what to create and using your inner energy system will set you on a path of creating with more ease and power.

The  Wisdom of Surrender

Module 4

Learn and practice how to shift from a noisy mind to a beautiful mind that works for you instead of against you.

Healing your Emotional Wounds      

Module 5

Knowing what to create and using your inner energy system will set you on a path of creating with more ease and power.

Your Relationship with Yourself

Module 6

creating an inner relationship of love, joy and respect will reflect an outer life of love, joy and respect back to you in all areas of your life.



Joy has consciously chosen this inward path of self-discovery for 10+ years.  Choosing a journey of self-inquiry and personal growth has connected her with her true self and her authentic power.  She has nurtured a calm clarity that allows her to “see” what isn’t being shown, to “hear” what isn’t being said, to know what isn’t being revealed.  


Joy has developed a foundation of inner trust, respect and confidence that guides her throughout her life.  She uses the power of curiosity to look within challenges to find the hidden opportunities.  She navigates her life with a deep sense of inner peace and wellbeing.


Joy has learned to be kind, gentle and loving with herself, and this radiates outward as loving kindness and genuine interest in the wellbeing of all.  She teaches from her heart with passion and kindness.  She inspires others to look within themselves and discover their truth, their gifts and their power.

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