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Your body is always talking. Do you know what it's saying?

This little story always reminds me of the innate wisdom in our bodies, how our bodies speak to us, and how they heal us.

Around the time when my husband and I were separating, I started getting warts on my hands. I didn’t pay much attention to them at first. They were just an annoyance that I didn't have time for. But, they kept multiplying, and after a few years, my hands were covered with warts. It was very embarrassing, so I always hid my hands in public. 

Having no interest in Western healing modalities, I decided to speak to my alternative healthcare practitioner about them. I was hoping there was something she could do to clear the energy that was causing them. 

Her advice?  "Love your warts and they will go away." 

What? Love them? That's your advice? It sounded ridiculous, but I was ready to try anything. I spoke to my warts every day and told each one of them that I loved them. But, you can’t fool your body. It knows when you're being truthful and when you're lying so nothing happened. They just kept getting worse. 

After several months of trying to love my warts away, I decided I needed a new strategy. I gave in and went to my doctor to have them burned off, but after 6 treatments they were still there and thriving. That’s when I realized: If you haven’t heard your body and learned your lesson, no amount of energy work or medical work is going to help you. 

Our bodies "whisper" messages to us constantly. If we don't listen, they "speak" a little louder. If we're still not willing to listen, they start "screaming" at us to get our attention.  My body started screaming at me by multiplying my warts until I couldn’t ignore them any longer.

My next strategy was to discover what my body was trying to tell me. I told the universe I was ready to learn whatever these warts wanted to teach me. Then I waited and trusted the universe to show me what I needed to learn. 

It didn’t take long. One day I happened to be listening to a webinar while I was making dinner. The topic was how our bodies speak to us… exactly what I was interested in. During the webinar, the host performed a healing for the listeners. She asked: “Where is your body holding your trauma for you?” 

I stopped dead in my tracks, almost dropped the frying pan and went to sit down in front of my computer. I looked at my hands and I knew with my whole being that these warts were holding the trauma of my separation for me. I don’t know how I knew it, I just knew it. 

In an instant, everything changed.

These beautiful, loving warts were serving me by holding my emotional and financial trauma. They were holding my stress, my doubts and all my fears for my future. They were playing a very important role in my life and I was trying to kill them!  

I felt an overwhelming surge of love for my warts. I thanked them for everything they had done for me. I apologized for trying to kill them. I accepted them and embraced them for how they were serving me. I told them they could stay as long as they needed to stay to hold my trauma for me. 

This was genuine love and my body knew it.  Message delivered and heard, body loved and appreciated... they started disappearing and in two weeks, they were gone.

I still shake my head in disbelief when I think of this, but it happened and there is no other way I can describe it. That experience taught me to love and trust my body… no matter what... even when I don’t understand the what, the why and the how. 

I started trusting the wisdom of my body and practicing listening to it before it has to yell at me to get my attention. How do I do this? 

When I’m tired, I honour my body and rest before I get exhausted. When I’m sad, I feel my sadness before my tears come out as a cold or a runny nose. When I have something to say, I speak my truth, before I get a sore throat or laryngitis. When I’m stressed or need clarity, I go for a walk in nature to rejuvenate and get inspiration. When I feel pain in my body, I ask my body to help me understand what it's trying to tell me. When I eat something that doesn’t agree with my body, I stop eating it. When I get sick, I don’t get annoyed and think of it as an inconvenience. I understand that it’s my body telling me it needs some time to either rejuvenate, heal or catch up physically with my emotional growth. I thank my body for taking care of me and embrace my few days of rest.

And sometimes, for no reason at all, I ask my body what I can do for it. It's simple… but not easy.



As a Lomilomi Practitioner, Joy offers healing through Lomilomi massage; an ancient, Hawaiian form of bodywork. Lomi allows your body to release stress and emotional knots in your body, bringing you into alignment with your true, authentic self. It's a powerful form of bodywork that brings healing to your body, mind and soul. 

As a Mindset Coach, Joy works with you to discover the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your progress. She shifts your sabotaging beliefs into empowering beliefs that will propel you forward in your business, relationships and life. With an empowered mindset, the sky is your limit.

You can learn more at and you can connect with Joy at 

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