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What REALLY happens in a lomilomi

Have you ever wondered what I’m doing while you receive a lomilomi massage? I’ve received lots of interesting comments and questions from my clients. They’ve asked:

“How can you be everywhere at once? It’s like you’re an octopus.”

“How do you lift me like that?”

“Are you dancing around the table?”

“I was in some other reality… what did you do?”

“You wiped out my monkey mind. How did you do that?”

“One minute I was on the table and the next minute, I was above us looking down.”

“I was in some other time and place. It wasn’t this lifetime, but it was me.”

“I was in a bubble of love… everything was perfect… I didn’t want it to end.”

“For the first time in a long time, I felt absolute peace.”

“What did you do in that massage? I slept for 10 hours afterwards!”

“There were lights and colours all around me.”

“I went on an amazing adventure that I never would have believed possible.”

I realize that some of these comments sound incredulous, and I can’t fully explain them, but never the less, I hear them over and over. Not everyone has a mystical experience. Some people simply have a relaxing massage and leave, but others have a very personal/mystical experience. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that everyone receives the experience they’re ready to receive.

How does this happen? In order to understand it, you have to suspend logic because I have no scientific proof that measures, describes or explains what happens. But, if you can cross the bridge between the known and the unknown, between the seen and the unseen, then you can enter a state of openness where these types of experiences become possible.

Here’s what I do. While you’re relaxing into deeper and deeper layers of consciousness, I am very deliberately visualizing a coherent heart-to-heart connection between us. In other words, I'm surrounding us in a healing bubble of love and compassion.

It begins when I set the intention to create safe, sacred space so that you can fully relax and receive whatever healing you’re ready to receive. I invite the ancestors of the lomilomi lineage and our higher selves to be present and guide us. Then my job becomes staying present, breathing consciously, and holding space.

I visualize the electromagnetic fields around our bodies. I imagine our hearts saying hello to each other. I visualize our hearts and brains slowing down and coming into coherence; first within ourselves and then with each other. Our energies are actually synchronizing with each other.

I imagine love and compassion flowing from the Lomilomi ancestors, to us and through us, and then back again in a beautiful, infinite loop. I breathe, hold space and stay present. I imagine your body and mind letting go of whatever they no longer need and receiving whatever they’re ready to receive. No judgement. I hold the vision that you’re whole and healthy. I imagine your body, mind and spirit coming into perfect harmony, and I feel grateful for the healing that flows through lomilomi.

And while I’m doing this mentally and emotionally, my body is massaging you with the long, flowing lomiomi runs. For me, lomilomi will always be healing, cleverly disguised as massage.

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