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The Simple Ritual of Touch... for Couples

Sensual touch with your partner creates an opening for intimacy and healing to emerge. Here are some of the many benefits of touch.


Have you noticed… when couples stop touching, they stop connecting. We all crave connection, but too often it’s elusive. One simple way to connect is through touch. In fact, touch is the express route to connection; physically and emotionally. Sensual touch has the added intensity and aim to connect directly to your heart. This is where you discover depth and intimacy. Your heart craves depth and intimacy because this is what makes life real. Touch awakens your sensory system, lifts your mood, and raises your energy. You feel alive. You become playful. Connection creates an opening for intimacy with your partner. It all starts with touch.


Relationships can be breeding grounds for unresolved emotions, creating isolation and distance between partners. Left unattended, these emotions eventually surface in the physical body as aches, pains and diseases. The antidote is simple... touch. Sensual touch is nurturing. It opens the door to compassion, forgiveness and deep healing with your partner. Touch reaches further than words. It lands deep in the body where it’s needed; at the cellular level. Nurturing touch carries the intelligence to heal. Unresolved emotions melt. Relationship wounds dissolve. Healing simply happens. The lover and the healer become one.


A closed heart is shut down, unresponsive and judgemental. An open heart is alive, curious and expansive. Sensual touch stimulates your heart to open wider. As your heart expands, your world expands. It creates space for a deeper relationship. It encourages communication, forgiveness, laughter and gratitude. These are the foods your mind, body and soul need. They nourish your relationship to evolve to the next stage. An expansive heart allows partners to grow stronger as a couple, and stronger as individuals.


Relationships breathe. Your relationship with your partner has a rhythm, and touch has a powerful affect on it. Sensual touch up-shifts the rhythm of your relationship. It feeds the chemistry between you and your partner, keeping your relationship alive and thriving.


Let’s not forget pleasure. Pleasure has the power to awaken your body, lift your emotions, and feel alive again. The better you feel in your body, the more fulfillment and success you experience in all areas of your life. The simplest way to give and receive pleasure is with touch. Sensual touch creates safety and trust, allowing your body to relax. This opens the door for you and your partner to share and explore your dreams and fantasies together.

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As a Lomilomi Practitioner, Joy offers healing through Lomilomi massage; an ancient, Hawaiian form of bodywork. Lomi allows your body to release stress and emotional knots in your body, bringing you into alignment with your true, authentic self. It's a powerful form of bodywork that brings healing to your body, mind and soul. 

As a Mindset Coach, Joy works with you to uncover the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your progress. Shifting your sabotaging beliefs into empowering beliefs will propel you forward in all areas of your life. Your life is as good as your mindset.

You can learn more at and you can connect with Joy at

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