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Learn the ancient, Hawaiian Art of Lomilomi Massage


 Private 4-day Lomilomi Practitioner Training 

Semi-private 5-day Lomilomi Practitioner Training 

Lomilomi Training is held in my home studio on a private or semi-private basis. This allows each of us to make a heart-to-heart connection with each other; promoting learning, giving, receiving and empowerment to practice this beautiful, healing bodywork.

Joy's 5-day intensive lomilomi workshop was enjoyable, challenging and extremely transformative! 


After completing the workshop, I felt excited and confident in my own ability to offer this beautiful massage experience to others. 


Joy is very passionate about Lomilomi. As a teacher, she was very patient and encouraging. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Joy's workshops or treatments to anyone. 


Carolyn Schoeman

Expanding your massage practice with lomilomi bodywork will enrich and deepen your gifts as a healer.

I feel nurtured and filled with love after Joy's Lomilomi workshop.  


I'm experiencing a newfound space within me to see others express whatever they need to without me reacting or being triggered. I feel more gentleness and grace flowing throughout my days, and am less concerned about being direct or assertive with people, knowing that underneath, my intention is positive and I am just setting clear boundaries in a constructive way.


All of my relationships have thickened in substance because of the love I feel my body has absorbed throughout those 5 days that it is now radiating outward. 


Ivan Klimov

The value and love you shared with us was very special and I am grateful for your wisdom and guidance. I have noticed a lot of changes within myself, and definitely have been bringing more joy into my life.


Emily Goulet 

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