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Ignite the power within you

and turn your dream into your reality!

November, 2018 in Saint Lucia

  • If you are struggling to get to the next level of your business, this retreat is for you!

  • If you envision yourself living a life that’s different from the one you are living, this retreat is for you!  

  • If you’ve had so many unexpected twists and turns in your life that you’ve lost sight of your dream, this retreat is for you!

This retreat is for you if you’re ready to claim your power and step into your dream!

Is this retreat for you?

We all have a vision or a dream of what we want in our life.  It’s in our mind, and that’s usually where it stays… in our mind as a wish, a hope or a dream.  We haven’t been shown how to take this vision and expand it into our whole being so that it becomes our reality.  

In this retreat, we will take your vision and expand it into every aspect of your being; your mental, emotional and physical body, so that you become your vision.  This is the key.  Once you become your vision, the natural laws of the universe will kick into action to bring it into your reality. 


Does this sound impossible to do?  It’s not.  I have shown many people how to do exactly this.  They are living their dream and you can too.

Here's HOW we'll do it:

  • We will  begin by discovering, clarifying and expanding your dream.  

  • We will use a powerful visioning technique to integrate your vision into your subconscious mind.  

  • We will expand your vision into your emotional realm so that you will see, feel, hear, taste, touch and experience your vision.  You will step into your vision emotionally.  

  • We will expand your vision into your physical body with an ancient, Hawaiian massage called Lomi Lomi.  It removes the blocks and beliefs that are holding you apart from your vision and integrates your vision into your physical body.   

  • I will show you how to hold your vision in your mind, body and emotions so that you will remain firmly grounded in your new reality.  

How will this retreat benefit you?
  • You will return home a new person with new beliefs and a new reality.

  • You will believe in your power to create your vision and transform your life.

  • You will see evidence of your vision manifesting in your life.

  • You will know how to apply this powerful visioning tool to all areas of your life.

  • You will know how to stay in the vibration of your vision even if/when people in your life contradict your vision.

  • You will have life-long friendships and experiences to support you as you continue to grow.


I’m certain you will return home grateful that you have given yourself this experience of an empowering, life-transforming retreat.

You will come away from this retreat
a different person.....

A destination retreat is the ideal setting to transform your life at this level, and Stonefield Estate Resort in Saint Lucia is the perfect location to do this.  Here, you can immerse yourself into the magic and energy of the Pitons.  The mystical traditions of the island believe the pitons are alive and breathe new life into all people and creations.  When you connect with their power, you can feel their heart beat all around you; in the land, the trees, the wind and the water.


Stonefield Estate is a breathtaking resort situated on a lush hillside, nestled in dense tropical rainforest overlooking the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. The 26-acre property features 16 secluded villas, each with it’s own private plunge pool, offering breathtaking views and a true sense of connection to this incredible part of the earth. 

Stonefield is a perfect venue for retreats

Stonefield was designed to maximize the stunning views of the pitons and the caribbean, while maintaining a very intimate and exclusive vibe. With a private villas design, guests are spoiled for choice to socialize at the main pool with other resort guests or chill out at their private villas with their very own plunge pool. Stonefield is perfect for retreats because it boasts:

  • 17 exclusive and private villas

  • 2 designated platforms to host classes and workshops (Indoor & outdoor)

  • Onsite gardens that supply fresh fruit and vegetables daily

  • Custom menus created by the local chef

  • Onsite luxury spa facilities exclusively for guests

  • Onsite management to design a unique experience

The Perfect Retreat Destination
  • We will climb one of the pitons.  This excursion will challenge you to recognize and ignite the power within you. 

  • We will visit the natural sulphur hot springs and mud baths nearby.  They will offer you and your body the self-care you will need on this transformative journey.   

  • We will visit the rainbow waterfalls; a magical spot within walking distance from our resort and a great spot for a picnic.

  • We will be treated to a private meal in our villa prepared by a local, renowned chef using local ingredients and traditional island recipes.  

  • You will be given a transformational Lomi Lomi massage outdoors in the beautiful, fragrant tropics.  This is an ancient, Hawaiian healing and visioning massage. 

There will also be lots of time to relax by the pool or on the beach and connect with new friends.  

Excursions and Events

This transformational retreat takes place April 14-21, 2018.  We begin Saturday, April 14th at 6pm with dinner outdoors under a magnificent Banyan tree.   Our closing ceremony and celebration will be held on Saturday, April 21st at 8am on the beach,  followed by our final brunch at 10am at our resort.  

You are welcome to extend your trip if you wish.  Stonefield has generously offered us preferred pricing for the week following our retreat based on availability.  You may choose an additional day, a few days or the whole week at these preferred rates.  During your extended stay, you are responsible for all your expenses.  I am offering one-on-one Lomi Visioning sessions and Lomi Lomi massages at a 50% discount as a thank you gift from me to you.  If you would like to expand your vision even further and integrate your expansion on all levels, you may choose to take advantage of this opportunity.

Mark your calendars
April 14-21, 2018
with options to stay longer.

PRICING: Cleary state all price points; regular, earlybird etc.  Room upgrades, pricing for extended stays etc.


Your investment for this transformational retreat is one week of your time and $2000USD plus your airfare.  Your commitment to this visioning process will continue after the retreat to ensure that you continue living and expanding your vision even further. 


Early bird pricing will be offered if you register before January 14, 2018.  There are also several room upgrades at our villa available on a first come, first serve basis.


For all pricing details, room upgrades, preferred pricing for extensions, flight information and insurance, please contact my partner, Cathy Wassermann at Vision Travel.________________________________________________

She will be happy to share all pricing, room and flight information with you.

Your investment
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