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How Can Lomi Serve You?

Lomi Lomi massage serves the body, mind and spirit.

Are you exhausted and stressed?  Lomi Lomi is a reset button for your life. It will return you to a state of balance and harmony.


Are you carrying an emotional burden?  Have you given up on your dreams?  Would you like to heal a relationship in your life? Lomi Lomi can help you let go of disappointment, regret, worry and other emotions that don't serve you.  It leaves you energized  and ready to face the world again.

Are you struggling with a decision in your life?  Would you like some clarity regarding your career, your relationships or your life path?  We subconsciously block information the universe is giving us because we are trapped in our minds.  Lomi Lomi clears your mind so that you can receive this guidance from the universe.

Are you caring for everyone in your life except yourself?  You need and deserve your own care.  Caring for yourself gives you the energy to care for others.


Have you experienced a trauma in your life?  Have you lost someone close to you?  Are you struggling with a health challenge or chronic pain?  Lomi Lomi can help you release this pain.

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"My body and mind completely surrendered  I walked out feeling like my whole body was on a cloud."

"I feel like a weight has been lifted off my heart."

"I went on an incredible healing journey.  I released emotions from over 20 years ago, and received an important message to help me move forward with my vision."

"It was one of the most beautiful, nurturing experiences I have ever had."

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