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“The path of spiritual awakening is a journey of 18 inches, from the centre of your head to the centre of your heart.”       Gregg Braden

I love this quote!  

It sums up this complex, spiritual, mystical, awakening

journey we are all on, just by being alive at this time! 

About me


The journey of awakening can takes lifetimes to complete.  It requires a complete shift in perspective; from living in your head to living in your heart.  This shift changes you on many levels… your outlook on life, your thoughts, your choices, your possibilities…  everything.  As I progress along this journey, I find myself dropping limitations, challenging my boundaries, questioning everything, choosing happiness and most importantly, loving myself.

When I started to awaken, I had an insatiable appetite to learn.  I read constantly for almost 10 years - nutrition, spirituality, metaphysics and more.  I put my belongings in storage and travelled to Bali.  I asked the universe every day to show me how I could use my gifts and talents to be of service to humanity.  That’s when I learned about an ancient, healing massage from Hawaii called Lomi Lomi.  Everything about it resonated in my heart as truth.  I knew I had to follow this path.  Now Lomi Lomi is a part of me.

One of the things Lomi Lomi teaches is to love, appreciate and care for yourself unconditionally.  As I learned these gifts for myself, I realized I needed to share them with the world.  We each have an inner god or goddess inside us, just waiting to be honoured and set free!  Now I share the wisdom of self-love through speaking engagements, workshops, retreats, oracle decks and guided meditations. 

I have discovered that Service to Others is fulfilling beyond my wildest imagination.

From my heart to yours,


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